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Splitter EP

The Splitter EP allows developers interested in program identifier splitting to
replace Sando’s default splitting algorithm. This allows them to investigate how to split more
challenging identifiers such as FILEMANAGER and the effect of improved splitting on overall


  1. Implement Sando.ExtensionContracts.SplitterContracts.IWordSplitter
  2. Add wordsplitter to Sando's configuration file (link to come)
  3. Compile wordsplitter and place dll in Sando's plugins directory (link to come)
  4. Startup Visual Studio


Class Sando.ExtensionContracts.SplitterContracts.IWordSplitter
Method string[] ExtractWords(string text) - Given a token split that token into words.

Default implementation

  • Splits on camel case
  • Splits upon encountering a #
  • Splits on '_'
For details see: WordSplitter.cs

Example Scenario

A user could implement this extension point such that it operates as the default implementation above except when the word is in all caps. In this case the splitter uses a dictionary of common english words and splits on any found substrings in the identifier.


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