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Sando's Mission:

To completely eliminate the use of grep-like searches, replacing them with faster, easier-to-use indexed searches.

Problem: Code search sucks. There's no auto-correct or suggestions, regex-based searches fail most of the time, searching for two terms is nearly impossible, and the returned results are unranked. 

Solution: Sando is built on top of Lucene so it provides ranked results, multi-term search, and near instant results. It leverages natural language processing to provide code-appropriate auto-complete and uses software-specific synonyms to provide suggestions.

Technical Details: Sando is a Visual Studio Extension, searches C, C++, C#, and XAML, and works in VS2010-2013. It is written in C# and XAML and leverages the Lucene.NET library.

 Sando's Main View            Sando's Popup View

Sando's main window (left) shows a list of results. When selected a popup (right) shows details, including lines with matches (right middle) and the entire source listing (right bottom).


Sando is now becoming relatively stable. We have about 5000 downloads on Visual Studio Gallery and over 300 users uploading anonymous usage data. We are seeking developers to help (1) improve the quality of the code base via refactoring, (2) fix high priority bugs, and (3) become technical evangelists.

Interested? Check out the Documentation.




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