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Re-orderer EP

The Re-order EP allows developers to re-order search results according to any arbitrary scheme. This is usually used in approaches where other types of information is used to refine the search results (e.g., execution traces).


  1. Implement Sando.ExtensionContracts.ResultsReordererContracts.IResultsReorderer.ReorderSearchResults
  2. Add re-order to Sando's configuration file (link to come)


Interface Sando.ExtensionContracts.ResultsReordererContracts.IResultsReorderer
Method IQueryable<CodeSearchResult> ReorderSearchResults(IQueryable<CodeSearchResult> searchResults) - Given a list of search results re-order them according to your scheme.

Default implementation

  • Does not re-order results (results are ordered according to search score only

Example Scenario

A user may only want to search over recently executed code. The user could add a filter to re-order results according to their last execution time or even remove results that haven't been executed in the last day.


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