Kickoff Meeting - Agenda and Notes

Jan 17, 2012 at 9:35 PM
Edited Jan 18, 2012 at 1:23 AM

Introduction - Each person has a chance to introduce him/herself and explain why they are interested in improving code search

  • David Shepherd - UI
    • Day Job: Software Engineering Researcher at ABB, Inc
    • Why Joining Sando: Saw lots of great advances in code search *research* but no advances in the actual IDEs he was using to code.  Wanted to have access to great search tools in his own IDE
  • Kosta - flexible
    • Day Job:
    • Why Joining:
  • Mike 
    • Day Job:
    • Why Joining:
  • Xin - flexible
    • Day Job:
    • Why Joining:
  • Manickavasagam - interested in indexer and the search engine
    • Day Job:
    • Why Joining:
  • Stojce
    • Day Job:
    • Why Joining:
  • Bartosz - indexer 
    • Day Job:
    • Why Joining:


  • Codeplex - discussions
  • Google+ Hangouts - periodic meetings
  • Hg on Codeplex - SCM
  • Issues on Codeplex - tasks/bugs/stories
  • Visual Studio 2010 (or VS Express 2010)

Vision - Discuss our vision for this project

  • Local code search - This project should provide a code search tool that incorporates the latest approaches from research and the best libraries that are available.  For instance, using the latest research the code search should parse identifiers into separate search terms (e.g., recordList -> 'record', 'list') for better indexing.  The code search should also leverage the best available libraries such as Lucene and SrcML.
  • Open APIs - This project should provide APIs to index and search arbitrary project artifacts.  For instance, if someone wants to use our tool to index and search the "Error List" view our APIs should accommodate this. 
  • (anything that's left out?)

Plan - A basic plan on how to move forward

  • Basic Protocol
    1. Create a plan by populating issues
    2. Rank issues
    3. Work on issues
    4. Add new issues as they occur
    5. Re-rank weekly (need to discuss how often we want to do 'hangout's)
  • Note: How to use issues
    • Only use these fields
      • Impact
      • Component
      • AssignedTo
  • Note: Dave's role
    • Facilitator
    • Tries to eliminate annoying tasks, book keeping so that you can code
  • Tonight's plan (post meeting)
    • Component choosing
    • Create issues (break into component groups)

First Release Scheduled February 17, 2012 - Basic C# indexer with basic UI

Jan 17, 2012 at 9:47 PM

I'm not sure if you wanted us to reply here, or if it was an agenda item for later, but here goes:

  • Kosta
    • Day Job: (Assistant) Professor at Virginia State
    • Why Joining: Learn something new. Also, I don't get a chance to do much coding as a prof and I do like to write code, so I'm thinking this will be fun.
Jan 17, 2012 at 10:33 PM


  • Day Job: I am a student at UNC-CH majoring in CS, currently in my junior year.
  • Why Joining: I really need to get more experience with collaborative coding and working with version control. I figured this was as good a time as ever to get my feet wet with open source and code search seems to be quite useful when done well.


Jan 18, 2012 at 2:25 AM


Day job: graduate student at the department of Computer Science at UNC Chapel Hill.

Why joining: Gain more experience in developing real world applications and how to build a software in a collaborative way.

Jan 18, 2012 at 4:05 AM


* Day Job : I am a daytime software consultant.

Why Joining : Have been using VS for so long. Sometimes realized the short coming of the code search and. Also, never been in involved in an codeplex project as a contributor(though worked on

p&p projects).

Jan 18, 2012 at 8:41 AM


  • Day Job: Software Engineer at Autodesk, Poland
  • Why Joining: The project itself seems to be very interesting, I hope to learn how to write VS plugins, which I've never done before and I think this is much better way of improving my programming skills than for example writing katas. I also like the team-focused software development and I hope we will all benefit from this project.